Fitness Friend on App Store


Browse between lots of free different training exercises on your iPhone or iPad.


All exercises is animated and shown with images, the animation shows the start and ending position of the selected exercise.


Search between exercises you already know, or get inspiration and explore new exercises you hasn't tried before.

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You can use the predefined workouts, or unlock the full version and create your own.


Log all your exercises during your workout. Keep track on your progress.


Never forget how your last training session was. Progress keeps up the motivation.

  • I find Fitness Friend very useful in comparison to other training apps. Especially for beginners who needs workout descriptions. For more advanced users who are more custom to fitness workouts, this app is extremely helpful for logging your workouts and tracking your progress. The design and usability is very pleasing.

  • Better than personal trainer because it's with me 24h. Lots of different exercises for each part of the body. Explanations are amazing and very detailed, even animated photos are included. Overall it's very impressive and you can see that app is developed by someone who is fitness expert.


I need a specific exercise

If you want to request new exercises, please use our 'Request exercise' form.

How do i view my workout history?

Open the menu inside the app, and select logs. You can access all your previous logged workouts here.

Will there come an Android version?

Yes, Fitness Friend will get released for Android. But at the moment we are still working and optimising the iOS app, so we can't tell you when the Android version is going to be released.

Is Fitness Friend free?

Yes. Fitness Friend is free to use. You can look up and use all the exercises and the free workouts as you want. If you want to create your own workouts, you have to buy the full version for a one time price: 2$.